This is Ellen Injerd's entry for Susanna Hill's Pretty Much World Famous Illustration Contest for Children's Illustrators! It's exciting to see my daughter take part in Susanna's first illustration contest. You can read more about the contest here. She was to choose one of the winning entries from Susanna's March Madness Fractured Fairy Tale Contest. You can read those stories here . (Can you tell we have a lot of fun on Susanna's blog?) Ellen chose to illustrate Lauri Meyer's delightful story, "The Princess and the Stinky Cheese."

The Princess and the StinkyCheese


The contest will be open from Thursday April 24th through Monday April 28th EDT. You can read all the entries from the links or the direct posts on Susanna's blog. "Entries will be judged by multi-talented, award-winning author/illustrators Iza Trapani , author and illustrator of over 20 gorgeous picture books, and Lisa Thiesing, author and illustrator of at least 16 beautiful and fun picture books and early readers!"

The finalists will be posted Thursday May 1st. At that time, you can join the fun and vote for which illustration you like best! The voting will close at 5 pm on Sunday May 4th, and winners will be announced Monday May 5th. Lots of excitement taking place! Thank you for stopping by!

dusk dutt
+1 #20 dusk dutt 2014-05-05 14:53
You are definitely a children's book illustrator. You understand what children like to see in a book!
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+1 #19 Ellen 2014-04-30 16:43
@Catherine: Thank you so much! I couldn't picture the dog any other way. ^.^
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+1 #18 Catherine 2014-04-29 20:04
Brilliant! I especially like the dog :)
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+1 #17 Ellen 2014-04-29 08:13
@Teresa: Thank you! I the Coat of Arms just seemed appropriate. :)
@Donna: Thank you, Donna! I'm so glad to hear that!
@Nata: Thank you, I'm glad the expressions convey well!
@Louis: Wow, that is a high compliment! Thank you!
@Joanne: Thank you! It's my signature style, I guess! ^.^
@ Laura: Wow, thank you! I am honored you would say that! I have so much to learn myself...!
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Laura Anne Miller
+1 #16 Laura Anne Miller 2014-04-29 01:26
Ellen - this is just wonderful. You have amazing talent and creativity. I really learned from your illustration.
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Joanne Roberts
+1 #15 Joanne Roberts 2014-04-29 00:34
You've done a bang-up job on this cover, Ellen. I love the style you chose.
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Louis D. Wiyono
+1 #14 Louis D. Wiyono 2014-04-28 10:13
Beautiful work! Your art style reminds me of Studio Ghibli's illustrations. :)
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+1 #13 nata 2014-04-27 14:54
wonderful! adorable....... the expressions :)
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:Donna Marie
+1 #12 :Donna Marie 2014-04-26 16:40
Nice work, Ellen :D Looks like a book cover!
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Teresa Robeson
+1 #11 Teresa Robeson 2014-04-25 23:35
That's so cool how you incorporated everything in a Coat of Arms fashion!
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