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Susanna Hill’s 2014 Holiday Contest

Susanna Hill’s 2014 Holiday Contest

Susanna Hill’s 2014 Holiday Contest

     It’s time for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Holiday Contest again! Here are the contest rules this year: “Write a children’s story (children here defined as approximately age 12 and under) in which wild weather impacts the holidays!  Your story may be poetry or prose, silly or serious or sweet, religious or not, based on Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate, but is not to exceed 350 words”

     Drop  by Susanna’s blog here Monday, December 8th through Friday, December 12th, to read all the great entries. Then return to her blog on either Monday, the 15th or Tuesday, the 16th, to vote on the finalists. The winners will be announced on Friday, December 19th.

     Have fun! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

Stanley’s Christmas Gift 

 by Cheryl Secomb

Stanley dangled from his web, thinking.

What could he give his mom for Christmas?

Last year, he wove her a sticky stocking.

The year before that, he’d spun her a silky star.

But this year, he couldn’t think of a gift to give her.

Stanley swung back and forth and sighed. Tonight was Christmas Eve.

He stared out the window at the glowing tree in the yard.

His mom loved to watch the sparkling lights. She rested in her web at the windowsill each night, enjoying the Christmas tree.

“That’s it!” said Stanley. “I’ll make a beautiful Christmas ornament and hang it high for Mom to see!”

Stanley slipped outside and stood beneath the tree. But how could he get to the top in time?

Just then, Simone the Squirrel bustled by.

“Merry Christmas, Stanley!”

“Merry Christmas, Simone. Hey, wait!” He pointed a spindly leg at the tree. “Would you please give me a ride?”

“Certainly!” she said.

Stanley climbed aboard, and Simone carried him




to the highest branch of the glittering tree.

“Thank you!” He waved as Simone scurried away.

The wind began to blow,

and the branches swayed.

It was growing dark.

He’d better hurry!

Stanley dropped and dangled and started to weave.

But then the wind SWOOSHED,

and Stanley WHOOSHED.

His ornament looked like a sticky blob.

Stanley frowned. “I’ll try again.”

Stanley grabbed the end of the strand and leaped.

Just then the wind WHIPPED,

and Stanley DIPPED.

He spiraled




bouncing from branch to branch and dragging the silver thread behind him.

FWUMP! Stanley landed on a pile of pine needles.

The wind whistled.

The lights flickered.

And went out.

“Oh no!” cried Stanley. “I’ve ruined the tree!”

Stanley slumped. His mom would be so disappointed. He trudged back home.

His mom greeted him at the door.

“Did you do that for me?” She gave him a huge hug.

Stanley turned around and peered at the tree. Sticky silver garland dangled from its branches, shimmering in the moonlight.

“It’s beautiful!” she said.

Stanley grinned. It was the best gift yet!


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