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On Halloween

On Halloween

This is my entry for Susanna Leonard Hill’s 2013 Halloween Contest! The story is to be no more than 100 words, and we are to use the words spooky, black cat and cackle. You can read more of the wonderful entries at Susanna’s blog, here.


On Halloween,

The moon was full,

And the night was still.

Raccoon and Badger crept up the lonely path.


A cackle echoed from the trees,

And Raccoon froze. “A witch?”


“A bird,” said Badger.


A dark streak dashed across their path,

And Raccoon jumped. “A monster?”


Badger shook his head. “A black cat.”


Up ahead, glowing eyes flickered,

And Raccoon trembled. “A goblin?”


“A Jack O’ Lantern.”


They approached a spooky old house.

The door slowly opened.


Raccoon stuttered. “A g…g…ghost?”


Badger laughed. “My Grandma!”

And Raccoon giggled.


Raccoon and Badger raced to the door.

“Trick or Treat!”



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