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Susanna Hill’s Holiday Contest 2013

Susanna Hill’s Holiday Contest 2013

It’s time for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Holiday Contest again! This year we are to write a children’s story no more than 350 words about “a Holiday Mishap, mix-up, miscommunication, mistake, or potential disaster.” Susanna is offering amazing prizes! Be sure to stop by Susanna’s blog here and read all the great entries, and then return to her blog on Monday the 16th – Wednesday the 18th to vote on the Finalists. Voting will close Wednesday at 5 pm EST. The winners will be announced on Thursday, the 19th. Thank you for stopping by to read my entry.

Merry Christmas!


By Cheryl Secomb

 Mixie often mixed things up.

She slipped the pie in the dryer and tossed the laundry in the oven.

She dusted the cat and set a saucer of milk on the mantel.

And she poured nuts in the mailbox and put letters in the squirrel feeder.

One day, she opened the refrigerator and found her calendar.

“Oh dear!” she cried. “My Christmas party is tonight!”

Mixie raced to town where she bought gifts and food and decorations, then she hurried home to prepare for the party.

Mixie wrapped the gifts and stacked them beneath the Christmas tree. “Everything’s ready.” She looked at the clock. “And just in time.”

Knock! Knock! Knock!

She dashed to the door to greet her guests.

Her friends walked in one by one.

Mr. Moshru with his long mustache,

Ms. Penelope with her petite purebred puppies,

and little Lucy who loved Christmas.

Mixie took their coats, and the party began!

They sang Christmas carols

and danced merrily

and ate scrumptious food.

“Time to open the presents!” announced Mixie.

She handed out the gifts.

Mr. Moshru opened his package first.

Glittery gold hair ribbons.

He cleared his throat. “Why, er, thank you, Mixie.”

Ms. Penelope went next.

An enormous mustache mug.

Ms. Penelope looked perplexed. “I, uh, thank you, Mixie.”

And finally it was Lucy’s turn.

Soft knit puppy-sweaters. 

She squealed. “Thank you, Mixie!”

Lucy loved Christmas.

Mixie knew she had mixed things up again. She had an idea.

“Let’s play a game,” she said. “A gift swap.”

Mr. Moshru tied glittery gold ribbons in his mustache. “I’d rather  not play,” he said. “Go ahead, Ms. Penelope.”

Ms. Penelope was busy bathing her petite puppies with the enormous mustache mug. “No, thank you.”

“What about you, Lucy?” asked Mixie.

Lucy admired her soft knit puppy-sweater leg warmers and sighed. “I love Christmas.”

Mixie giggled. “I do, too.”

When the party ended, Mixie gave her friends their coats.

“Oh my,” she said. “I’ve mixed them up.”

They all laughed. “Merry Christmas, Mixie!”


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