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Dashing Through the Snow

Dashing Through the Snow

Below is my entry for Susanna Leonard Hill’s 2nd Annual Holiday Contest. Thank you for reading. Merry Christmas!

Dashing Through the Snow

by Cheryl Secomb


“Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh…” The song floated from the kitchen radio. Holly heard her neighbor, Mrs. Frost, humming along.

Holly stared out the window at the snowless neighborhood and sighed. Would she ever have a white Christmas? She picked up the snow globe from the table and shook it. Tiny white flakes swirled about the miniature horse pulling a sleigh with two riders.

Mrs. Frost poked her head into the living room and smiled. “The first batch of cookies is almost done. Once they’re cool, you can help me ice them, okay?”

Holly grinned. “Sure!”

Mrs. Frost was Holly’s favorite grown up…besides her mom and dad, of course. There was something kind of magic about her, especially at Christmas. Her house glowed with red and green lights and holiday decorations. She even had a Christmas name. Like Holly.

Holly shook the snow globe again and set it on the window sill. She watched the tiny flakes spiraling inside. The song continued to play. “Dashing through the snow…” Her eyelids drooped. “I wish we had snow,” she whispered.

Suddenly, wind whipped through her hair, and she squinted as wet flakes splattered her face. “What?” She gasped in the chilly air. “Where am I?”

“Dashing through the snow, of course!” Mrs. Frost sat beside her, chuckling. She held the reins to a horse covered in white. Its neigh echoed like laughter.

Holly glanced down. Tiny houses flickered with Christmas lights far below. “We’re flying!” she yelled.

Snow flurries danced around them. “We’re dashing!” Mrs. Frost snapped the reins.

“It’s time,” she said.

Someone gently shook Holly’s shoulder. She opened her eyes to see Mrs. Frost standing beside her. “It’s time to ice the cookies.”

Holly blinked. A dream? She shivered. But it felt so real.

“Oh, look!” said Mrs. Frost.

Holly peered out the window. “It’s snowing!” Fluffy white flakes tumbled down.

She turned to Mrs. Frost and spotted something sparkling in her hair. Could it be?

Mrs. Frost’s eyes twinkled.

Holly was sure she saw a snowflake…before it melted away.

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